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Peonies & Picnics

by The Urban Blooms

Looking for ideas for your next outdoor event? We've got you covered! Our styled picnic setups come with custom hand-made low tables, beautiful cushions, lanterns and several other decor items for you to choose from that are sure to leave your guests talking about your event for days!



What it Includes:

Date Nights


Bridal Showers 


Backyard Parties

Just Because 

Choose between a "Pretty n Pink Theme" or a "Boho Chic Theme"

All of our setups will consist of the following rental items, unless otherwise stated: 

  • Low Wooden Table 

  • 1 Blanket & ~7 cushions

  • 1 Fresh flower centerpiece *

  • 4 Lanterns

  • Fabric or Faux Floral Runners 

  • Dinnerware for specified persons 

  • Disposable cutlery for specified persons

  • Goblets or Wine glasses

  • Vintage Picnic Basket


*=fresh flowers are for you to keep at the end

of the event minus our vase. DRIED FLOWERS

need to be returned.

Untitled Design.PNG
Date night picnic.jpg

Paint Package

  Enjoy a relaxing painting session at your picnics with our Painting Package for only $25, which Includes: 

  • Paint Brushes 

  • 4 Medium sized canvasses

  • 4 Easels 

  • Watercolors 

  • Paint Tray

  • Inspiration Painting samples

*Additional Paint settings = $6/per person

Indoor Setup.jpg
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